“Rebels & Wildcards”? We’ll take it!


“We love the idea of a tournament which represents the underdog, and sticks one up FIFA. “ -Paddy Power 

With world wide sports betting heavyweight and Marketing Mavericks Paddy Power as the title sponsor, it was clear from the start that the CONIFA World Football Cup 2018 would be unconventional. Add to it that the FIFA World Cup in Russia this year is mired in scandal and boycotts, and it appears Cascadia has landed among good company. That conclusion was confirmed when we read this article calling participants in our Championship the 

“Rebels and wildcards of world football who FIFA refuse to recognise”

Team Cascadia couldn’t be prouder to be among the 16 teams made up of who call the CONIFA World Football Cup their Championship. 

Read Paddy Power’s full article here.