About the Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF)

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CONIFA is the worlds largest non-FIFA aligned football organization, and Cascadia is one of 16 teams, representing every continent on earth.  As a provisional member of CONIFA, Cascadia has been accepted as one of the participating teams. 

The Cascadia Association Football Federation was formed as an idea created in the Cascadia Trifecta groups, and members of the four largest regional supporter groups to help Cascadia compete on an independent stage in 2013. 

The goal of the Cascadia Association Football Federation is:

β€˜To allow Cascadia as distinct cultural entity, bioregion and growing society with common interests to be represented at the international level in the sport we are all passionate about.’ 

CAFF is a Cascadia regional team for the CONIFA World Cup in 2018. CAFF exists for the purposes of participating in friendlies and competitions, building partnerships with divisional players and coaches, and using soccer as a tool to help inspire engagement throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Sponsored by CAFF and your donations and sponsorships, the team will include professional, semi-pro and amateur members, and will be fielded with the goal of competing in the CONIFA world cup, the highest non-FIFA aligned soccer competition in the world. The Confederation is designed to co-exist with FIFA, and is specifically for cultural and autonomous regions that are not recognized by the United Nations.