Jersey pre-order ends this Sunday! Grab your jersey now if you haven't.


As the 2018 CONIFA World Cup comes to a close this Saturday, we will be ending our first jersey pre-order. As soon as the jerseys arrive - they will be shipped out to everyone who ordered them with a huge THANK YOU.

The Cascadia Association Football Federation is an all volunteer, grassroots powered movement created in 2012 by supporters of the three major league MLS groups. Since its inception, it has grown and waned, and upon being accepted as the representative team for North America earlier this year - we had to make a very quick decision of whether a Cascadia team was a feasible concept. Despite what seemed like overwhelming odds at the time - we decided it was something we believed in passionately, that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and that if we didn't do it now, we never would. We knew that Cascadia was the epicenter for soccer in North America, and that if we put this idea out there - we would find the support - and that is exactly what happened. 


In a little over two months - we put together an upstanding, competitive and great squad of players, with 17 of us flying together from Cascadia - that did the Pacific Northwest truly proud both on the pitch, in representing Cascadia among CONIFA and the other associations, and to the world. Because of the effort of a huge range of individuals - and because of your support - this dream finally became a reality... and using the momentum that we have built... will continue to have some very exciting updates to share after the tournament..

In the mean time - a huge thank you to the volunteer crew of Cascadia Association Football Federation who took the time out of their own schedules and day jobs to help . CAFF President Aaron Johnsen, Vice President Brandon Letsinger, coach James Nichols, team captain and MLS veteran James Riley, assistant coach Shaun Gardner, scout Jack Thorpe, jersey designer Trevor Owen, Prost Amerika founder Steve Clare, MLS Rumors and CAFF Founder Lenny Laymon, sports photographer Ali Giles, our documentary crew Jay T. Conrad and Travis Odinzoff, social media team Uriah Donavan, and Erik Thulin, anthem composer Lloyd Vivola and remixer Giordana and of course all the players and family members of players and supporters who were able to make it out and support us live in person, or on the streams at ungodly hours in the morning.      

If you have not grabbed a jersey yet - pick one up here. All proceeds go to pay for player travel expenses. 

Cascadia Football Fans - we couldn't have done it without YOU.