SEMIFINAL MATCH: Cascadia 4 - Western Armenia 0. Last match will be against Panjab FC Saturday at 3pm (7am PDT)

Starting lineup for Cascadia v Western Armenia. Photo by Jay T. Conrad

In their semi final match, Cascadia beat out Western Armenia 4-0 at Bromley Field. Team Cascadia will now advance to the final placement round against Panjab this Saturday at 3pm (7am PDT). 

In case you missed it, a full breakdown of the match can be found on Prost Amerika here.  

In addition, while a live stream was not provided, Cascadia fans were able to set up a cell phone livestream recorded via Periscope which can be viewed below - or follow @CascadiaSoccer on twitter (and @ProstAmerika) for all updates, live tweets, and streams. 

As long as internet conditions are favorable at the stadium, we'll also make sure to hook in at least a basic stream. 

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