MATCH 2: Barawa 1 | Cascadia 2 in Historic Win

Team Cascadia made history on Saturday as they went on to defeat host team Barawa at the Carshalton Athletic FC, ending with a 2 to 1 lead. The match was the first international victory for the Cascadia team, and places them in a spot with the ability to continue their journey towards the 2018 CONIFA World Cup. 

Coach James Nichols instant reaction after beating Barawa.

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For those not familiar - Barawa, also known as Brava, is the tournament host, and represents the southern region of Somalia. Barawa has a population of around 57,652 residents and are traditionally the Tunni clan of the Somali people as well as the Bravanese. The Tunni speak Af-Tunni (another Afro-Asiatic language) and the Bravanese speak Chimwiini (a dialect of Swahili).

Barawa joined CONIFA in July 2016, and because of strife in the region has a large diaspora around the world. They are hoping to use the football tournament as a way to help bring awareness to their distinct history, unite all Barawnese people, and to end poverty and improve the living conditions of all people living there.


For purpose, the Barawa FA site states:

“The BFA is organised and managed by Somali diaspora living in the United Kingdom. With the ultimate goal of creating the opportunity to develop awareness, improve and better the living standards and conditions in the south region of Somalia.”

In the future - they are hoping for greater player and supporter involvement from the United States and Canada. In the opening press conference, they discussed how currently, the immigration climate has made it difficult for many of their potential players to travel for fear of not being let back in if they do.