SEMI FINAL MATCH: Western Armenia vs Cascadia (0-4)

Thursday, June 7th 3pm at Bromley Field. Note: Official Streaming MyCujoo is only available for the knockout rounds. Stream was created by Cascadia fans. 

QUARTER FINAL MATCH: Cascadia vs Karpatalya (1-3)

Tuesday, June 5th 6pm at Sutton

MATCH 3: Cascadia v Tamil Eelam (6-0)

3PM (7am PST) June 3rd - Fisher Stadium

MATCH 2: Barawa v Cascadia (0-2)

2PM London Time (6am PST) June 2nd - Colston Avenue Football Stadium (Carshalton Athletic FC

MATCH 1:  Ellan Vannin v Cascadia (4-1)

12PM (4am PST) May 30th - Gander Green Lane at Sutton United FC: Ellan Vannin v Cascadia

Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup 2018

You can watch all the 2018 CONIFA matches live, or after the match at: Check back on this page for all Cascadia Team matches. 

For a full list of matches, see our schedule here