CONIFA is the largest non-FIFA aligned soccer competition in the world, drawing around 500 million viewers. The league is designed to co-exist with FIFA, and is specifically for cultural and autonomous regions that are not recognized by the United Nations. 

Cascadia is in a unique opportunity to compete in the first world cup being hosted in London, and is set to be the subject of related documentaries upcoming throughout 2018. 

Currently, CAFF is seeking sponsors to help provide as many partial or full ticket scholarships as we are able to, and have many exciting benefits and unique promotional opportunities we are able to offer.  

Currently we have three tiers of primary sponsor - 1 round trip tickets, 3 round trip tickets, 5 round trip tickets. Secondary and third tier sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Please reach out to us for more information.

Potential Supporters Click Here

Potential Sponsors Click Here


The CONIFA World Cup takes place Thursday 31 May through Sunday 10 June.

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While CAFF will be purchasing a bulk rate for international round trip tickets, tickets could potentially exceed $1000. With that in mind would you